Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Recruitment Process Outsourcing, in short RPO is the talk of the time. In RPO, organizations subsidize the burden of their recruitment activity to a client, who is responsible to undertake all the operational activities involved with the process.

Why you need to outsource the recruitment process to Infotech Way?

  • Decrease in overall cost per recruitment.

  • Focus more on core business line.

  • Higher quality of service.

  • Efficient use of resources.

  • Building a competitive edge.

  • RPO imperative for organizations.

Educating our clients about the cost effective strategies that we have helps our clients. Infotech Way integrates innovative recruitment technologies and processes to quickly and more effectively deliver engaged, performance-ready employees to empower better business results.

Our Teams

Talent Acquisition Team

From workforce planning to new hire engagement, Infotech Way Talent Acquisition Team ensures a pipeline of performance-ready employees to drive client success. Understanding requirement specifications, Experience, technical skill sets, managerial aptitude, flexibility, localization, environmental ethics, etc are grounds, which companies take into account depending upon the job and nature of work. We are studying these requirements minutely and proactively sourcing candidates to suit our client’s requirements.

Direct Sales Team

Our professional team of IT recruiters can handle the client accounts by clearly understanding the requirements and finding the right candidates at the right time. Infotech Way has a full suite of recruitment process in place to meet our client requirements. Our team is an expert in giving solutions to end-to-end at various levels in the recruitment cycle.

Bench Sales Team

Infotech Way specializes in third party recruitment. With years of experience we identified the key clients through which we help the consultants in placements. Candidate screening and assessment is an area that relies on a blend of technology and out expertise. We have developed effective processes to present the most prominent candidates in front of your hiring managers. While the hiring decision remains with the recruiters, we can help to support managers in a variety of ways to speed the hiring process. We can be involved in the process to call all the short-listed candidates, schedule their interviews, follow-up with the hiring authorities and finally close the position by sending offer/rejection mailers.

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