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Infotech Way is a leader in offering trainings which is a productive aspect that guarantees students to get a career way towards success. We focus on giving students the training and education needed to develop the skills they need for a job. We offer our students the best quality education by our highly experienced professionals. Our unique integrated career development solution is a proven approach and can be customized to your technological and computer needs. We prepare our students for challenges and enhance their skills for getting a job.

Why Infotech Way?

We take pride in the quality of the training offered. We provide training that meets the standards of the industry and all the students will go through training that is highly satisfying their educational needs.

  • Instructor-Led Training supports multifaceted systems by utilizing demonstration performance techniques, guided discussions, realistic labs, simulations, and workshops.

  • Consultants/Students can easily focus on the course because they are removed from the distractions of the work environment

  • Instructor-Led Training is easily adaptable to variable size audiences and many locations

  • Course content can be audience centric and adjusted by the instructor with minimum effort

  • Extensive multisensory capabilities including models, methodologies, animation, and videos are utilized to enhance learning

  • Traditional Instructor-Led Training is an acceptable and comfortable learning environment for students and instructors alike other methods

  • Computer-Based Instruction (CBI) can be combined with Instructor-Led Training within a classroom environment to provide the best of both techniques

  • Allows for immediate feedback and discussion of highly complex problems and solutions with a post class helpdesk facility.

Our mission

  • To provide our students with the most effective training that guarantees them towards significant career.

  • To counsel students in opting for a suitable technology to have an excellent career.

  • To provide lifelong learning by offering job-focused programs, career packages, corporate training and skill development programs.

  • To continuously do research and providing trainings on “Niche areas”.

Courses & Schedule

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